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I can't get Gran Turismo 2 to work on ANY emulator!

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I've had Gran Turismo 2 ever since it came out for Playstation and still haven't found an emulator that supports it. Bleem and ePSXe stop and the copyright screen (first thing you see) and AdriPSX just doesn't even work. I downloaded all of the plugins for it and installed them but for some reason they don't even show up in the menus! Needless to say, not a DAMN thing works in that emulator, I can't even get it to load the BIOS let alone run a game. Also I'll be getting a few new games soon: Final Fantasy 9, Ghost in the Shell, and CastleVania Symphony of the Night. Which are the best emulators for those games?

I'm running an Athlon 750mhz w/256mb of RAM, GeForce2 MX, VIA 686 OnBoard Audio. I've got the latest drivers for everything and DirectX 8.0a. I'm running Detonator drivers v7.58 WHQL.
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For GT2, enable "Accurate CDR Timing" in the configuration of ePSXe.
For the others games, check the compatibilty list:
I enabled Accurate CD timing and I have the same problem. I'm using Pete's OpenGL driver 1.48, Null2's audio v1.3, internal w9x CDR. I got the game to work in VGS but it looks ugly as hell. I've got a 19" monitor and those pixels are HUGE! So I'd really like to get this working in ePSXe if I can. Oh, and has Pete said anything on releasing a fix for the CDDA skipping problem? I get that in all my games.
hmm..don't work? maybe your configuration experienced some errors do you mind posting your configuration? because I've tried Gran Turismo II and it worked perfectly on my low-end 333 mhz, 128 mb ram and TNT 2...

I used epsxe 1.2.0 and Pete's D3D 1.39, Null's SPU, TSG MSCDEX,etc... (I've tried with different plugins and it worked...)

Well, Final Fantasy IX works perfect with epsxe and vgs (you should have the patch with vgs)
oh yeah I forgot, for the menu problems, try to switch Off-Screen drawing to standard (even I didn't experienced that):D :D :D
Try to change the CD driver. Use TSG MSCDEX for example. You may also download the latest ASPI drivers from
You may have to check for scratches, epsxe seems to be a little sensitive to scratched disks.... or it may be a cd drive problem.. try disabling dma on your cd drive.. or enabling it if it off... Epsxe seems a little icky with all the different types of cdroms out there.. On my computer, epsxe will only play psx games if I disable dma..... weird when all other cds work fine with it enabled..
-- by the way... Hi, everybody! :D --

It's crazy, I get the same thing here with GT2 (the lockup at the copyright screen) on ePSXe (latest version)... tried every conceivable CDROM driver, updating ASPI, turning on/off DMA, using another CDRom, setting/unsetting all the plugin options, etc... but *every* other game I've tried works (including GT1). GT2 works on my laptop flawlessly, tho :confused:

This is an Athlon 800 256MB Win98SE dual boot w/ Win2k (also tried in Win2k, failed) with V5 5500.
I've had the same problem.

For me, GT2 only works perfectly with one emulator, VGS.

However, I've been trying to get it to work in ePSxe, since I want to play in Win2K and want the higher res/3d graphics support.

I've only gotten GT2 to work with the Pete's Software plugins, and sound won't work no matter what I do.

Is this a issues with DX8 (since these 3d card plugins seem to be for DX7/6)

Also, if somebody knows how to make the controllers work, let me know!
GT2 works on my system like this:
Pete's d3d 1.48 with off screen drawing on standard (there are weird graphic probs with opengl that I think may have been fixed in 1.49. maybe?)
epsxe SPU plug or null's SPU plug
epsxe core cdrom plug (with "enable accurate cd timing" & "disable real time cd status" checked)
These settings at least should work for the simulation/GT disc. When I try to play the arcade disc I have to wait through the opening mdec because of a freeze when skipping it.
Hope that helps.
Gah, never did "enable accurate cdrom timing" + "disable realtime cdrom status" before i guess... that was the secret

/me bows to Adair... thx!!!

Hey DC as everyone said there is some problem with the CD rom settings.Below is the screen shot of some setting try them they might help...............!

oope i forgot the shot here is it

I got the game working perfectly on my tbird gig, voodoo 5 5500 agp at 800x600, with 4x FSAA on....... here is my config and a screen shot...... sweet.......and press f4 to solve the controller problems...... then again to be able to use memcards....

Lewpy's Glide³ Plugin Configuration Information v1.33

Computer Information
OS : Microsoft Windows 98 SE (v4.10 Build 2222)
DirectX : DirectX 8 or better installed
Processor : AMD AMD Athlon(tm) Processor, 1001Mhz (1 off) (00/0642)
64kb L1-I, 64kb L1-D, 256kb L2 (on-chip)
Memory : 256Mb

Core Emulator
: 03/02/2001 12:19, 98304 bytes

| Type | Name | Version | Date |
| BIOS | SCPH1001.BIN | | 11/07/1997 05:38 |
| CDR | cdrPeteAspi.dll | 1.2 | 05/05/2001 17:25 |
| GPU | gpuLewGlide.dll | 1.33 | 06/05/2001 17:47 |
| SPU | SPUCORE | 0.0 | Plugin Not Found |

| ePSXe Configuration Item | Current Setting |
| Sound Enabled | Yes |
| CDDA Enabled | Yes |
| XA Enabled | Yes |
| XA Read Enabled | Yes |
| SPU IRQ Hack | Yes |
| CDROM Drive Letter | F |
| CDROM Accurate Timing | Yes |
| Disable CDROM Status | Yes |
| Disable CDROM RT Status | No |
| MDEC Enabled | Yes |
| MDEC Timing Enabled | Yes |
| SIO IRQ Always Enabled | Yes |
| Country | AutoDetect |

Board : Voodoo5 (tm)
Version :
File : C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\glide3x.dll
: 21/11/2000 11:28, 331776 bytes

| Plugin Configuration Item | Current Setting |
| Active Configuration | 2 |
| Active 3dfx Card | 1 |
| Enable HotKeys | Yes |
| Resolution | 1024x768 |
| Refresh Rate | 60Hz |
| Emulate MASK Bit | No |
| Dynamic Texture Caching | Yes |
| Custom FrameCap | 60Hz |
| On-Screen Display | FPS |
| Frame Skip | Disabled |
| FrameRate Limit | Auto |
| System Type | NTSC |
| FrameCap Method | New |
| Draw Method | Bright |
| Alpha Blending Mode | Advanced |
| Bilinear Filtering | Enabled |
| Alpha Testing | Normal |
| FrameBuffer Access | Read/Write |
| Off-Screen Drawing | Extra+FBR |
| Polygon Mode | Textured |
| Texture Windows | Enabled |
| VSync | Enabled |
| Banshee Code | Enabled |
| MDEC Format | Texture |
| Experimental Flipping | Off |
| Experimental Screen Sizing | Off |
| FrontBuffer Rendering Fix | Off |
| FF7 TextureWindow Fix | Off |
| DMAChain Fix | Long |
See less See more
while maybe a bit off-topic...

ill ask anyways :)
has anyone gotten gt2 to run off an iso ? it works perfectly with any given (well, almost) cdr plug-in, but since i got me this new n' shiny 40 gb bitch :) i was thinking of "iso-ing" my few psx-games. so far everything works with the above mentioned exception of gt2. i noticed it stops at the exact same point epsxe does with exact cdr timing _disabled_ , ie the first splash screen before the memory card loading screen. so i guess there is a timing problem as well. anyone know a good workaround for this? thanks.
ps. (please no ifs and maybes, dont bother answering if you couldnt get it to work either) thanks again :)
I have it working well with an ISO mounted in Daemon Tools, then point ePSXe to your virtual CD drive (dont forget to set both drive letters on the cdrom config page to your virtual (unless your running win2k and use the internal cd core)), you should still enable options that Adair, fivefeet8 etc.. posted. HTH. ;)
I run it off the ISO w/o daemon tools and all works well, just make sure you have the 2 CD options mentioned in this thread enabled...
Ok, I finally got GT2 working mostly, but I have one problem, and I'm wondering if other people have this.

I can't get the music to work right, and the sound kinda skips whenever I try to change screens in the city map, etc.

Is there a box I need to check for this... or is this normal?

The music also has problem when I can see any other cars while racing.
ISO worked fine for me too. I think that the game runs plenty fast off of CD on a decent system though. Now I play it from a copy I made using cloneCD.
I use clonecd too.Instead of mounting that image of the th clone CD to the deamon.Simply run it through the epsxe by selecting run ISO.The epsxe is the only emu so far to run the clonecd image

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