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And to think we where questioning if we should create a step by step guide..

We will start from the top.. First of all make sure you have the BIOS in the bios folder, and all your plugins in the plugins folder.. (You can download our plugins pack at

Open emulator (pay no mind to the PSX Launcher)..and at the top menu bar select "Setup"

we will start at the top selection "Graphics"..soon as you pick this you will get an error prompt stating that in order for the changes to take effect Adripsx needs to be restarted..

when "Graphics"is opened a small window will pop up...Choose your favorite plugin from the menu..then press "Configure" well..configure it...You will also see 2 check boxes below the pull down menu....these are only used if you wish to skip any MDECS (In game movies) OK to finish..

Next down is "Sound"..pick this and another window will appear
.same deal..pick your sound plugin...***note*** Andy or Iori's plugin will not work and will crash the emulator..use either Pete's ,Null2's or Prodigy....make sure all sound options are checked off

Next is CD-ROM...pick your CDR plugin (Pete's works well)..and tell Adripsx where your CD rom is located.

Next is worries...the only BIOS file that works for this release is the SCPH1001..and it will tell ya that too...

Next in the menu is will get a window with a number of check boxes....we will create a guide for this nonsense..but for now simply check the "Disable hunger mode" option ...

Last but not least is controllers...AdriPSX used Controller will find them in our plugins pack....pick your plugin..then press configure to set up your controls...

Now that all that is knocked out..simply "Quit" the will save your settings and create an INI file for the emulator...and you should be all set to go

This is a short and sweet explaination...we know...but since you inquired we decided to create a step by step guide...It will be found at
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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