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I am looking for a N64 controller replacement

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I already have a USB adapter for my authentic N64 controllers, but as anybody owning one knows Nintendo made the single worst joysticks in the history of gaming. I need a USB controller that is fully compatible with N64 emulation but has a joystick that won't decay.

Are there any suggestions or referrals?
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Not getting what the problem is with using the PSX pad:
Left thumbstick as joystick.
L2 as Z
L1 as A
R1 as B
R2 as R
X, O, |=| and |> as the C pad
L3 or Select as L
Start as Start
and the D-pad as the d-pad
Worked well for me when I used it.
Uh? I don't get what you mean? A joystich has 2 axes. How can it have 3 unless they've replicated something
You what? I still don't get ya. The reason I thought for that was because the adaptors I use are for PSX pads as well. The PSX has 2 joysticks. The N64 has one.
If I play Goldeneye on my PC using hte PSX pad, I use the solitaire configuration:
The X, O, Triangle and Square buttons act as the C-pad for WSAD and the left analog stick is mapped to the N64 analog stick for looking.
The N64 has one stick. One stick has two pysical axes. There is no Z and Z-Rotation axis as far as the N64 is concerned. They were added for comaptibility in the adaptors to the best of my knowledge.
What you are suggesting is like me saying 'I want a mouse that acts like 2 mice'
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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