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I am looking for a N64 controller replacement

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I already have a USB adapter for my authentic N64 controllers, but as anybody owning one knows Nintendo made the single worst joysticks in the history of gaming. I need a USB controller that is fully compatible with N64 emulation but has a joystick that won't decay.

Are there any suggestions or referrals?
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I was hoping for something as close to the N64 as possible. Or at the very least having a compatible joystick with the Z movement mapped to the same stick as the X/Y axes. That is the main reason why my PSX controller doesn't work for N64, which is unfortunate.
Exactly as I said above, Z mapping on the PSX controller is mapped to an individual joystick. On the N64 it's combined with the X and Y axes.

Not to mention the lack of room for an adequate C button configuration.

Have fun playing Perfect Dark with your PSX joystick.
When you calibrate the N64 joystick, notice that the Z movement and rotation are on the single joystick. When you calibrate the PSX joystick, notice that it's on the second.

Using your PSX controller, try playing Perfect Dark, Golden Eye, or any other game requiring Z control and see how it works.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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