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I am a newbie.....

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:confused: do you know how to change your user status? (the one that says junior member for me, emulation freak for a lot of people)
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The under-the-name thingy changes automatically every 100 posts, 'cept for Junior Member to Member, which happens at 40(?) posts. Custom ones are availabele only at 700. Some people, however, have . . . special treatment :rolleyes: .
to be precise
0+ Junior
40+ Member
100+ Freak
200+ Expert
400+ Master
600+ Crazy
700+ Make up your own

Anyone who has a custom title under 700 is usually an
admin/mod/author/general emu bigwig
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thanks guys. now I can rest peaceful. but 100 posts are not an easy record. don´t you think so?:p
nah, when u get addicted is preety easy ;)
*EfrainMan outside the office where he used to work 5 minutes ago before gettin' canned for too much EmuForums*:

"D-oh!. Hmmm . . . more free time to be on the boards at home! :D Hope my creditors won't mind . . . ;) "
Addicted whose addicted? just because I spend all my waking hours in front of this screen doesn't mean I'm addicted:D.

Dammit just one more post ...just one more post
I can feel it running through my veins!!!!
Man I hope that that stuff has nothing to do with poultry!
He has Mad Cow disease!! :eek: Run away!! :D
Hehe... I just remembered something... there's this msg board that a friend of mine goes to, and the frequent posters are called "post-sluts" or "post-whores"..... :)
Yeah.... I'd pick "Totally Crazy" over "Post-Whore" :D

-- way to go dude! -- :D
HAAAAH!! I knew I forgot to do something when I visited Microsoft a couple of months ago.... D'OH!!
HAHAHAHA! I can't help but to think you guys are nuts! :rolleyes:
So, for your pleasure, and mine, here goes a pic from a nut guy to another: (translation of the text: First encounter of women drivers)
this is my favourite, it really tells whats going on...
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