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BadBoyBill, the creator of the HyperSpin Arcade Frontend, is proud to announce the first public release of:

We are finally able to bring you the HyperPin Digital Pinball Frontend

HyperPin is a frontend specifically designed for the pinball cabinet builders. The interface allows you to choose from both Future Pinball and Visuall pinball tables with ease. See the list of features below.

HyperPin Features:

Dual Monitor Support
- HyperPin supports a wide variety of dual monitor setups including vertically mounted monitors, rotated monitors, and rotated windows setups. HyperPin displays the backglasses on your second monitor
perfect for your pinball cabinet.

For both VP and FP fans - If your hardcore about one system you can make this a FP only or VP only frontend easily. You can hide everything related to the system you dont want to use with one setting.

Pinball Wizard Support - HyperPin provides joystick support and is compatible out of the box with the NANOTECH tm Pinball Wizard Controller.

Clean Launching and Exiting of both Future Pinball and Visuall Pinball.

Flyer Viewer - Built in flyer viewer that you can control with the flipper keys.

Instruction Card viewer
- View the rules of the game from the frontend. Hide the rules anytime to see the playfield then unhide them. All IC's are vector based for the best possible quality.

Full Genre System - A complete genre system to easily flip in and out of your favorite genres. View only FP or only VP games, break games down by decade, manufacturers, types of tables.

Favorite Games Support
- easily add or remove games from your favorites list.

Start the system from your favorite genre - want HyperPin to start up showing only your favorite games? Or just Future Pinball only, or Visual Pinball only?

Lots of exit options - shutdown via the menu, hide the menu, use the shortcut with actions, exit or shutdown the system by holding the exit key for a time defined by you.

Lots of customizable options - customize everything from the text, colors, skin, and positions of your artwork.

Full documentation - HyperPin includes a very detailed help file in case you get lost.

We provide with the creators permissions lots of VP tables for you to get started with right away via torrent.

Special thanks to:

brycej who did alot of work on IC's and flyers and lots of testing.
Unclewilly who did alot of work on converting tables, taking snapshots and lots of testing.
billpa for doing wheel images, the logo and intro video, HyperPin cab graphics.
Nanotech for providing the Pinball Wizard Controller for testing in HP.
Blindmankind, Bailey, Polygame for providing their high res artwork for original tables.
Chris Leathley for Future Pinball.
All the FP and VP table creators for all the great tables and allowing us to share custom versions of them.

Please join our forum for the latest artwork releases, database additions, and latest news regarding HyperPin. Thanks.

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Absolutely sensational, this is such an exciting project and to see it come into fruition like this is nothing short of brilliant. Big thanks to all those who have worked on this project, you guys have truly created a piece of digital greatness with HyperPin.
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