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hey all.
im a newbie here so go easy on me lol.
at my house here in western australia i have a Hyper Stimulator.
it runs off a PC and is basically like having a wheel conected to your computer, but alot more lifelike and realistic.
the problem is in australia there isnt many PC games coming out anymore, theyre mainly coming out on platforms. i have a heap of ps2 games so i enquired about the emulator. ive been doing a bit of reading and i know that Gran turismo 4 and 3 wont work 9if they did it would be perfect, but i can wait until the next release), so im just asking the question, which racing games out there do work (are playable)and are pretty good? ive been on the emulator site and couldnt see many racing games either. so i thought id come here and ask some experts.
im sorry if this is a repost or to be asking this kind of question again.
thanks in advance for your help

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