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Hi mates!
Well last night I watched the last episode of B5 :( For the 3rd time in my life I almost cried. Damn you JMS =)
Anyhow I'm left with great emptiness now and with incredible hunger for more TV-Shows. Sadly I was introduced to TV-shows very, very late in my life. My fault entirely... I never watched series, thought them to be waste of time for the most part. I enjoyed playing RPGs and reading :) Than it all started with Twin Peaks, my God I was hypnotised... But later episodes in season 2 got worse and worse so I had a biiig pause before I watched another TV-Show, this time it was Band of Brothers, here I tasted what TV-Show is supposed to be IMHO. That is when I developed this hunger for series :) One of my friend introduced me to the Farscape and I watched it fanatically, thought it to be the best thing after Final Fantasy VII :) After FS "I was ready" for B5 this buddy of mine thought :) What a ride it was...
Well now I'm ravenous after more Shows!
Sadly I'm well aware that not one will ever be able to come close to B5 in my book but that is no reason not to watch all the great shows that I've missed and am missing.

Genre isn't a problem and the longer the better :)
Thank you for your time!

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I'm not a TV fan, so I'm not able help you a lot... But you can always try watching the X-Files, on Fox Channel. The complete series spans 9 seasons (although only the first 7 are really good). A damn good series.

If you're into comedy, watch Seinfeld. It's the best sitcom ever, IMHO. It has ended too, after 9 seasons as well, and ALL of them are damn good. It's not for everyone, though - if you don't like sitcoms in the first place then you probably won't like it.

Just another suggestion for this commedy stuff. Try watching "Married With Children", an old series. Their sarcastic humor never fails to make me laugh.

And, of course, don't forget the best TV show ever. Star Trek. I can't recommend it enough for you. Watch the original series and The Next Generation. The other Star Trek series are not nearly as good as those two (/me waits to be stoned). And, also IMHO, Star Trek beats B5 any day.

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I was gonna recommend some really good Brit-Coms. The annoying thing is, they are all quite old. The recent stuff all seems to try and emulate american sitcoms with snippets of British humour. That pisses me off as our best stuff isn't about embarassing situations, it's about wit. Take Blackadder and Yes Minister for example. There are also the slob comedies like Red Dwarf, The Young Ones and Bottom
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