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Huge problem with the ePSXe uninstall

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I just uninstalled ePSXe to try and fix problems with FFIX Crashing and when I uninstalled it it deleted my Saves games the Bios it took me ages ot find and all the ISOs I had copyed to the hard disk.
Why did it do this? I had about 10 hours in FFIX.
Is there any way to get that back?
I just did the damn automatic install.
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An uninstall is designed to delete files - unless you're running some kind of background delete guard software, I think you'll have to start FF9 again (hey, it could be worse, the first ten hours are pretty entertaining :))
Well, I suppose you used the ePSXe installer from PSXEmu as it's the only one providing you with an un-install option.

The un-install option is setup that way that it deletes the whole ePSXe folder ... I'm considering adding a 'Delete savegames' option as well though, since several people already came across that problem :(

For your case, I doubt you can get back your files as the uninstaller completly deletes them.
Could you try using Norton Disk tools to undelete the files. I think that when you delete a file, it doesn't really get deleted, it has the first character of it's filename (in the FAT) set to a '~' character. So if you use DiskEdit you should be able to find a reference to your file (in the FAT) and change the first character back to what it should be. You might also be able to use the Undelete command on DOS 6.2 if you have a DOS 6.2 bootdisk (this basically does the same thing, it will ask you what to change the '~' into). This may be ok for your saves but I doubt you can get your ISO's back this way, it is likely that the space they took up has probably been marked as free space (that's what the '~' indicates), and any disk accesses may have used this space. Good luck.
hmm.. that really sux... u might use undelete, but if u use ntfs ur screwed... also if u r using win ME try restoring to a previous state... :(
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