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How Many Years of HTML Experience?

  • 0 - 1 year(s)

    Votes: 7 30.4%
  • 2 - 3 years

    Votes: 10 43.5%
  • 4 - 5 years

    Votes: 5 21.7%
  • 6 - or more years

    Votes: 1 4.3%

HTML Knowledge questions

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How many years experience do most of you have with html .. and where, and why did you begin to use it? Just a post to get the forum moving again.
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Well dear you've seen my lovley geocities site. :D I learned html originally so that I could put sig images on my WebTV emails :D I learned it almost 5 years ago but havn't used it in like 2 years :/ But thats ok thats what I have you for sweety :D Love Ya!
yeah your geocities one ...

;) ... don't beat me too hard
Now people will point and laugh :D Hey I hit 200 posts!!!! :p

Any yes I drew the angels.:p
Ok Wormie ,I dont really know html well (only some basic codes) but I have been designing some homepages using frontpage, dreamweaver and homestead software from about 2 years.So tell me whether I can vote on this and if yes then in which category(probably 2-3 yrs)?

Sandie, your site is really nice and funny especially "my boys" section.
I use html off and on. I first used it for an RPG site I made on GeoCities back in eighth grade (seven years ago, give or take). I had way too many images cluttering up the pages. I think I had a big Mario as my introductory image, although I have no clue why. It took my 56k modem about three minutes to load the first page.
I start it out about 2 years and I like my first homepage very much.
No any table just use java and midi music no any graphic just add gif animation.That is the my impressive homepage my first homepage :)
:eek: I have zero knowledge of html.. pathetic.. :heh:
oh...html is not the problem here....anything that goes beyond html is though :eek:
Originally posted by Xeven
:eek: I have zero knowledge of html.. pathetic.. :heh:
...yeah right. :wink:
2-3 years here... I had a lame Geocities page a loooong time ago (well, it had no content, layout wasn't even that bad) but I made that with WYSIWYG-Frontpage'98 mostly and I didn't code anything 'manually', so that doesn't really count. I really started with html when PSXEmu needed a new design (the one of PSXEmu's relaunch back in March 2000), I decided to take it a shot and used PSP combined with horribly inefficient pixel-by-pixel methods (ugh ;)) and ofcourse I had to know html as well. I don't really recall looking up a lot of books/tutorials for that, it was more like "view source" with every site I visited :p Tables were definitely the most difficult part... I screwed 'em up brilliantly with PSXEmu's code, making it unnecessarily difficult for myself ;) That also caused the page to crash with IE at certain moments (although it usually worked fine for me, so I couldn't check either). Bobbi fixed the tables later on..

... I guess I made it up with NGEmu though, 100% efficient html code ;)
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1 year

my first website is about a rockband fanpage - and the last one is about some pornstar - what a life ! :cool:
let's see ... all this mess started back in late 1998 when we were having one of our Netcons (big meetings where we're playing until we can't look stright forward any more ... a friend gave me Netscape Composer and my first homepage started ... and now, nearly 3 years later, look what this friend made out of me :rofl:
I've been writing html for about 5 years. My first pages were on xoom and geocities. i've had my own domain for about 3 years now.
Guess I should say my story as well. Well just like Sandie we started with a webtv 5 - 6 years ago and we got into making webpages. This is where I truely learned to code since there was no program or anything for webtv to make pages everything had to be hand coded. Not saying my pages were great or anything. :D

Next I coded java irc clients for webtv ... another hard one since it all had to be coded using online html editors and storing the stuff in my e-mails since there is no harddrive to store anything on a webtv.

Then about 4 years ago I finally got around to getting a computer and man what a difference it makes when you can actually make pages localy and be able to store and edit them a lot easier .... and as the years went on I got better and better. I have always been into art ever since I was a little kid, so when it came to webpage graphics it was pretty easy for me.

My first major site that I made for myself was ... made a new design about every month to strengthen my skills. I also made some other pages that have come and gone throughout the last 2 years, couple emulation ones, and some other fan sites I made. I don't deisgn as much as I used to, because I started getting into other forms of webdevelopment such as learning new code, and languages. One of my main goals is to make a website dedicated to teaching others html, and other forms of webdevelopment. I did start a page, but it is not that great. :p ... sucks but I plan on making a better one sometime. Along with my online comic that may never come ... ... too many projects not enough time. :D
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Originally posted by prafull

Sandie, your site is really nice and funny especially "my boys" section.
Heh thanx. BTW I think your one of the only "green" people left.

Dabbled for 4 years... created our Domain Http::// back in 1998

Played with HTML / DHTML...never Java though....perhaps in the future...:p
heh I love playing with the mouse text trailers :D
well, my first webpage was a preety lame one about tolkien, wich has an unincredibly LAME design ;) but i can still see it @
then, about a year ago, i went into Photoshop and started making some page designs. That time a learned html and made this about 2 months ago (frontpage 2000 and hand html). Recently i started w/ flash and i hope to have sumthin ready by Xmas to show :)

edit - The first one is in portuguese
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