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72da9 is a.k.a zman on other sites...This guide was not stolen as I am he and he is I who wrote this guide...Now onto the Guide...

Sega Saturn Howto run CD iso on girigirir-gav-lite emulator…

1. Rename a bios file to bios.bin and put in the directory. I used the Europe/USA bios and not the Japanese one. As I found Japanese bios seems to have regional issues.
2. Take the iso + mp3 file and convert the mp3 to wave.
3. Rename the files to a simple one-word name.
4. Use segacuemaker to make a *.cue file with the iso + wave files. Do this by command prompt. “segacuemaker filename.iso”
5. Use Alcohol 120% and load the *.cue file onto the virtual drive.
6. Use cdrwin and convert the file to a *.bin + *.cue file off of the virtual drive cd image. Do this by clicking on the extract disk/tracks/sectors part. Change the cd drive to the virtual one so the disk is loaded. Select an image file name with directory. Leave all other settings on the default selections and hit start. The color combo box will verify how many tracks there are and what kind. Be sure to write over the *.cue file created by segacuemaker with the one made by cdrwin.
7. Copy the *.bin + *.cue file to the girigiri emulator directory.
8. Use gentoc to create the toc.bin file. Do this by command prompt. “gentoc –b filename.cue”
9. Use loader.exe to find what the cd region is. Do this by clicking on the cue + bin/iso info button on emu tools section. This will tell you the region. Use the readme file to correspond region numbers ex. 1 – Japanese 4 – USA 12 – Europe. Open the file [ base.ini ] and change the region number to the correct one.
10. Use glauncher if it is the first time to set the controls. Otherwise use the command prompt and type “gsaturn –i” to launch the emulator.
11. It is import that the region number is correct in base.ini and the toc.bin file was created correctly.
12. If the iso had no mp3 or wave file for sound when the .bin/.cue was made the file will most likely not work on the emulator. Correction: Use the loader to convert the *.iso only file. Do this by going to the emu tools tab and mark the box that says process *.iso only. Then click the button iso + wave -> cue/bin. This will work. At least it did for me when I found out about this.
13. Alcohol 120% is only needed for the cdrwin part.

USING CASSINI a.k.a. girigiri emulator…

14. For Windows 98 se or other version, not XP. WNASPI32.DLL & WNASPI9X.DLL Must be in the same directory as the emulator cassini in order to work properly. This is automatic in Windows XP.
15. Rename the bios to “euro.bin”. I use the Japanese bios this time, as I found it conflicts less with the new and future code changes. As the emulator is originally Japanese.
16. As the loader is included in the actual program now. All that is need to run the .cue/.bin or mounted CD by doing the following. Have both auto choose cue.bin and auto chosse CD marked. Leave force region unmarked and if you want have check for cue correctness marked.

Then Click either Run CD or Run CUE/BIN or Run last CUE/BIN. The region will set up automatically.

That's it folks... Works all the time... The only problem now is emulation compatibility for various games...

Other usefull tips for this emulator are...
F3 seems to show another layer (or forground) that is initially turned off.
F4 shows various usefull info.
Numbers 1-5 are the layer numbers. Number 5 is the most significant followed by Number 3 as speed can be gained by turning these layers off.
And of course if you adventurous, you can edit the games.dat and user.ini to gain a more optimum feel and emulation for your various games.

A side note that I just found. While in Windows 98 se (that is what I'm using) the wnaspi9x.dll and wnaspi32.dll which are critical to win98 and the emulator to co-exist, are not allowing the loader to read the cd rom drives. This is a problem, not for me because I use the bin/cue run. But for those use use cd run in win98 this is a big problem. The main fix for this is to use windows XP as Snail has rewritten the emulator for that OS. Or if your me or somebody who likes the old ways of life, you can use your command prompt or shortcut with the command line: "cassini -i". For this to work, you need you game mounted on a virtual cd or actual cd drive, hence the "-i".

As for *.iso's without *.wav's or *.mp3's use Mic's loader and go to emu tools tab and make shure the "Process on ISO" is checked and then proccess the (2352) *.cue image for use. (The Legend of Oasis needs this process to setup correctly for the emulator)

A clarification on segacuemaker. This program only reads *.wav files and not *.mp3 files.

Note: This is an incomplete emulator so not all is emulated or emulated correctly, however by editing the Games.dat file, one is able to acheive a higher level of emulation. Also, if game gives you and option to turn off the sound, go for it, as this will speed up emulation and reduce crashes.
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