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Hows the devellopment going?

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Well, id just like to ask how's adripsx devellopement going? :) i know its kinda anooying to post questions like these, but can we hope a real release for soon?
sorry again, but im preety curious ;)
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Well,I'm not in the "secret"(I'm just a Betatester),but Roor stated that it would be quite a while before a new release comes up,he said it could even take a couple of months(maybe even more).
So just wait and see(sorry,I don't know much about Roor's plans for now).
well, thkx anyway 4 the info :)
There's no big secret about AdriPSX... just the fact that it only has "private" releases for a time.

I have only mae two private releases...

So far, some more games are working fine now, like Resident Evil II, Tenchu and a lot others that were not running before.

No big changes yet.

hey, its the "big boss"!!!
lol, K m8, guess we'll all have to wait ;)
work a lot (j/k)
Hi Roor, I'm posting this because I've an alpha release for the AdriPSX Debugger (on a C++ DLL) and we need to talk about it. :p
On the other hand, I've a big problem with the new GUI (Window's OLE Managment *inside the dinamic link library* abort the process):confused:
Maybe we can have a meeting next saturday? Please phone me
See ya.
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