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Did anyone found anymore sound bugs?? What are your settings?
How close is the sound compared to the real psx? For quality and accuracy what are your recommended settings for FF9??

My current settings:

Sound buffer size: 15
XA buffer size: 48
high res mode: checked
Wait for XA buffer free: checked
Show realtime config: unchecked
Enable Noise and Pitch modulation: checked
Enable reverb: checked
Enable SPU IRQ: checked
Enable compressor: checked

config sound:
Enable sound: checked
Enable CDDA sound: unchecked
Enable XA sound: checked
Enable XA read: checked
Enable SPU IRQ hack: checked

Your reply would be appreciated.

The only flaw I can see in your config is having both SPU IRQs checked. From what I have heard, doing this can cause potential problems. Other than that, everthing seems fine to me. I just downloaded the new SPU tonight and I will be installing and trying it out soon. I'll post in this thread and let you know what I discover, if anthing. BTW, I'm currently using Iori's SPU vers. 1.46.

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Personally, I think your sound buffer size is too high, I'd recommend from 6-8 but these settings seem to be very soundcard/system dependent. I run with usually 8 and 48, which works fine for me except for crackly mdecs which I mentioned earlier which no settings that I've found on this earth will cure. And I'd definitely recommend your unchecking the force spu irq under epsxe, though leaving the spu irq checked in iori's. Sound in ff9 is great, can't compare to a real psx, don't own one. Emulation forever rah rah rah. And I'll restrain myself from the rant I was just about to descend into.

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WOW this new Iori's SPU plugin v1.471 really is great for ff9,
I get no crackling in the mdecs (also got sound buffer on 8)
Its like perfect except for one thing.. moving the little hand cursor around the menu's the beep sound is to long.. its like beeep.. beeep, when it should be quick little blip.. blips.. heh.. u know?
Other then that i can finally use it instead of the OLD NULL2's!

Keep up the good work Iori.. who/whereever u are =)

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Is perfect the right word? I'd say almost.
In fact the only thing that's bugging me is the sound of the flute when you call a moogle on the map,it sounds a bit weird,but other than that it's perfect.
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