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How to use that "amd dual core hotfix"?

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i've read the faq for noobs for installing and running PCSX2 and give it a shot..

i have a game and all of the necessary emulators and plugins..

i tried to run it and it worked in a slow but manageable situation..

since that i'm using x2 core from AMD, the author of the faq said that "i have to use a dual core hotfix if im using a AMD Processor"

the author give the site.. but when i looked up in the site, i don't even have an idea on how to locate and install these dual core hotfix program..

i'm just giving it a shot and it worked so im quite interested in this one.. and i could manage to play the game even it's quite slowish..

maybe you guys here can help me about this "dual core hotfix".

tnx in advance!
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cmiiw, amd dual core fix only fix cpu timing problem (ex: beowolf pc run too fast) but this problem already fixed in xp sp3 & vista sp1, so i think no way this fix make pcsx2 run faster (is cpu/gpu power botleneck)

btw delete your "download iso" post before gettin improper warning :D
believe it or not squall at vista sp1 dont have "beowolf" problem anymore without instal hotfix thingy, (or maybe i just forget what "sp" i used)

AMD X2 Core 2.16 GHZ QL-65 Series..

that's my processor.. and the PCSX2 emulator that i'm using is .9.6 Windows Binary...
use speed hacks & latest PCSX2 build (for me dx10 vista faster than XP) hope its help u.
what game do you try btw???
go here download latest legacy PCSX2 (PCSX2 beta r2107) ,never try super robot taisen Z before if its 2d games it should be playable

note* updated OS latest service pack & update directx, so u dont need those dual core hotfix or sort (using dual os XP & vista never bother use that dualcore fix + tlb thingy :p )
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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