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How can I use the Enter key as one of the PlayStation controller buttons? In the Config Controller screen, when I press Enter, the highlighted button such as Default or OK would be pressed and I can't assign Enter to one of the buttons.

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Who says its not possible? :D

OK, well it IS!

First of all make sure none of your buttons are mapped to the Print Screen/PrtScr/SysRq button (its next to scroll lock)!

Go into ePSXe GamePad config, and press that key where you want it, eg on the "Select" button! It should display as "SysRq" Close the config one, and the ePSXe dialog!

Next bit needs a bit of registry tweaking!

Click on Start then Run and type in "regedit" without the quotes!

Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\epsxe\config\

There is a String value with the name Keys1 (Keys2 if your wanting to map it to the 2nd controller)

Double Click on that and the value will be a long string of numbers like this..

Look through the list for the value 183
Replace it with 28
Press OK, and Close the Registry Editor!
Go into the ePSXe Config, and you'll find it now says RETURN

Voila! Enjoy using the enter key! :)

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LOL :D Ben, I have to admire your creativity.

simply click on the button you want, hold one of the Alt keys, hold Enter key, and release them both at the same time. You may not get it right the first time, but probably the second.

but, of course, if regedit is your most frequently used program... ;)
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