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how to speed up p 64

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hey does anyone know of a good way to speed up golden eye o pj 64 it plays fine but its just real slow i have a pIII 866mhz 256 megs or ram and integrated intel graphics(performs good in aall other games ive tryed)any help wotl be appreciated
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1) Upgrade your drivers
2) If you arent using a 2k/XP system, get a ram defragger like RamIdle or Aldo's SpeedUp
3) Run from a clean boot

theres a ton of this kinda info. this kinda stuff was real big back in the bleem days.
hey bg what exactly does aldos speed up do ? and i am running xp pro and dou you think upgrading my sound drivers would help i already got xp drivers for my graphics ..btw first cpu i ever used bleem on was running it so slow that i sold my copy of bleem that was around right when it came out methinks
if yur using xp, then it wont help you. aldos speedup is like a taskmanager/ram defragger. 2k and xp do all that natively.
any way at all to squeeze mor framerate out of it i can even play these games im cluless on n64 emulation so id there different plugins ?ie like a soft one coz my graphics are better than a n64 but choppy as hell
Basically the only options really left to you are to either use a null sound plug-in, or to just optimize your system as much as possible, or upgrade. And yes, I really do think your integrated intel graphics chipset sucks. Look around the net if you have no idea about how to go about optimizing your system.
Its the integrated graphics card. Its a total bottleneck, you really have to get a new one, and cos the GFX is integrated, it means your Soundcard is inteegrated, and if your sound card is integrated that means the driver is merely emulating a soundcard which will slow it down immensely. Best bet, replace GFX card, disable S/C in BIOS. Get a GF2MX, really cheap, and still great for games.
i want to get a new one pput i got no agp slot all i got is pci i think im gonna buy a whole new mobo and processor
Yea, thats the one. I bet it tells you the GFX are AGP aswell, yes? See, you open it up and no AGP... Bets replace your MOBO and get a good GFX card....

ya its listed in the specs as integrated agp 3d graphics
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