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how to speed up ePSXe?

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I have an AMD k6-2 400mhz CPU, 8MB AGP graphics and 152MB RAM, but ePSXe still runs games slowly. Is there any way to speed up the emulator so it will play games at a good speed?


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Your problem is your graphics adapter

8MB AGP - probably a Rage or something- that's nothing.

For smooth playing a Voodoo3 / TNT2 and all better are recommended.
And k6-2 400 is also not the fastest system, so it can't make up the bad Graphics

I think with nearly all graphic-features turned off, Pete' Soft Driver should make the games work on your system, but in poor quality and maybe still quite slow.

Yeap, your video card is not good. And also a K6-2 is not very powerful. A new cpu and new video card is highly reccomended.
Yup, your vga need to replaced. Geforce helps me alot

AMD k6 2 500, Gefrce2Mx, 128SDR

Thanks people, oh well. I'll have to get me a much better AGP card then.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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