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How to Slow Down Mouse Speed in Games ?!

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Hi, is there a possibility to slow down the mouse in Playstation Games ?
Im using epsxe1.60 and am currently playing XCOM II.

The Problem is that the Mousespeed IN-GAME is very fast and unhandy.
so im looking for a solution for this "problem"

i would be very gratefull if u guys could give me an opportunity to solve this prob.
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One possible answer would be to slow down the tracking speed of the mouse in Windows.
No, for some time I tried to do that, but unsuccessfully (I was playing Clock Tower). I have never used a mouse on a real console, but considering the fact the mouse speed in one of my games was excellent (and that is Dracula: Réssurection), this problem could occur due to the game design, so that means, is unsolvable (I hope I'm wrong).
it's not a windows problem if that one game works fine. do those games have any in-game sensitivity options?
hmm. you could turn off mouse acceleration, in fact i recommend anyone to do that even if you dont play games. with windows 2k and before you just turn it off in mouse settings. with windows XP, you need a registry tweak, you can get it here:
Well, no. It seems like Windows settings have absolutely no effect upon the gameplay. The mouse pointer is still unsupportably fast.
hmm, that's what i had thought in the first place (which is what i said).

anywya, have you tried PSXeven and a Pad plugin? (i.e. harakiri's)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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