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Hello everyone,,i have seen many people asking for how to save a .tmp
video file which they have buffered from net... now it might not be a problem
to those who have a fast internet connections but for people with low
bandwidth its really painful to wait for the buffering to complete for a movie
or an anime...

there are many methods to save these files which are present in
C:\Documents and Settings\name of pc\Local Settings\Temp
but the easiest way is here folks... & i mean the simplest of the simplest....

& one more thing this even works for half buffered vids or the vids which are buffered from middle.

step1: buffer your video.(any site)
step2:when buffered just restart your pc directly..not from your keyboard or the windows options..just from your cpu restart button or the main switch.
& volla it is done. nothing more. the video will be saved in C:\Documents and Settings\name of pc\Local Settings\Temp... you will need latest version of vlc player to play...
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