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how to play mario and luigi 3

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download this file and follow the instructions:

To play Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, follow these steps:

1. Install WinDS_PRO_DSi_221_EN.exe , included with the package.
2. When done installing, place the files *randomfile*.rom, *randomfile*.rom and *randomfile*.bin in the No$Zoomer location: C:\Program Files\WinDS PRO\NO$GBA
3. Unzip Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story PATCHED.nds to where you want.
4. Run NO$Zoomer from your desktop or where you placed it.
5. Run the game in NO$Zoomer.
6. In NO$Zoomer, go to Other and click EXTRA. Now check 'EX5'.

Have fun!
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