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1. download ePSXe from
2. get your plugins from NGemu's Plugin section. [ Windows | Linux ]
  • Eternal or Pete's Dsound for a good CPU (above 1ghz is good)
  • Eternal Lite for slower

  • Peops (the best)
  • Sapu's or Xeven's (easiest, autoconfiguring)

  • Peops for 2D games
  • Pete's OGL2 for Geforce FX and higher, Radeon 9500 and higher
  • OGL for Nvidia Geforce cards (any type) and ATi Radeon (any type)
  • D3D for non 9xxx Radeons
  • D3D DX6 for Integrated and other
  • Lewpy's Glide for Voodoo cards
3. get a BIOS. SCPH1001 and SCPH7502 are the most commonly used. do not ask for it on these boards, it is illegal to download a BIOS. however, it is legal to dump your own BIOS. use Google for methods on how to do it.
4. open up ePSXe. configure the plugins. default settings work well most of the time, Pete has a "nice" preset in his plugins that should work well. Sapu's and Xeven's CDR plugins autoconfigure.
5. grab your PSX game off your shelf or wherever you keep it.
6. put the CD in the drive you selected in your CD plugin.
7. go to File-->Run CDROM.
8. enjoy! if you are not enjoying, go to #9
9. if you are not enjoying because the game won't play or plays poorly, go to #10. if you are not enjoying because your game sucks, stop playing said game.
10. if the game isnt working properly, come to - Powered by vBulletin (where you're at right now) and then ask our helpful and friendly staff and members for help :) your first stop should be this thread. if that doesnt answer your question, try using the Search function to see if anyone else had your problem. if you're still stuck, feel free to make a post asking for help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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