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well guys, im reading threads after threads about enhancing fps speeds even in a minimal manner.. and i found out about this "overclocking your pc"..

sorry for being a newbie but after testing the pcsx2 emulator and running it with no problems, i began to become interested to make it a shot.

i just want to test if the fps will increase even for a bit.. so i'm risking my hardware just to know on how to overclock my PC..


AMD Athlon QL~65 Series 2.16 GHZ
3.00 Gigs of Ram
Nvidia 8200G 256 MB Ram
Windows Vista Home Premium 16 - 32 Bit
PCSX2 0.9.6
DirectX 10

i just want to find out on how to overclock..

thanks in advance!

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moving to hardware disc.

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You didn't give enough information.

What motherboard do you have? If it's an OEM/pre-built PC, like a Dell, Gateway, HP, or whatnot, forget it. It'll either be impossible, or void any warranty the PC may have. I see it has an 8200 IGP chipset, but that's all I can tell.

What cooling does the CPU have? If it's nothing extra over standard, you won't be able to go far (most likely).

What are temperatures like? Have you even tested it?

Do you understand temperatures, as well as voltage and stability?

Do you understand how multipliers and FSB works?

You can't just ask "how do I do it" and expect it be done, just like that, in a few steps.

Overclocking can lead to damaged hardware, an unstable working PC, or even damaged or corrupt data (the last one usually isn't common or extreme, but if it's unstable, it can cause corruption in reading, writing, or copying instructions).

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Overclocking on notebooks or laptops won't do much, unless you don't care about the heat output and life of your laptop. Also with your "pc" specs or hardware, you won't get "good" fps with that kinds of hardware... I'd suggest you give up on that idea of overclocking your laptop and get a real "pc" that can run pcsx2 smoothly with decent hardware.
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