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well the req's at minimun are 2.00 GHZ processor and 256 MB of ram as far as i know. my Laptop specs:

Windows Vista
AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology 1.80 gHz processor
ATI Radeon Express 200M Graphics Card.

well im using the direct3D9 plugin,and the Dolphin DSP-NULL plugin. I enabled dual core and idle skipping.

well when i run DDR: Mario Mix it runs around 60 FPS,then when i actually play the game it goes to only 14 FPS??? WTF? I can get more FPS in Pcsx2 and that requires a great comp.

anyone know what I can do to make the gameplay faster? What's the best dolphin emu version?Im using Dolphin SVN R 1546 btw.

PS:I dont care if i have to turn off sound to play it good, i just want it to play it decently.

thanks :thumb:
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