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How to Make an Iso for use with ePSXe using Nero ....

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Can anybody out there tell me every single step with details or instructions on how to make an iso image with nero so i can use that iso with ePSXe ?

You don`t actually have to tell me every single step , but I just want to know how to make an iso image using Nero ........

Thanx .
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You cant use Nero, but you can use cdrwin (get a demo version from or you can use isobuster ( to extract the data off the CD. I would recommend getting daemon's tools too ( because if you use cdrwin to extract your data, you get a .bin file and .cue file which you can 'mount' in daemon's tools and it will act as a virtual cd drive, giving it it's own drive letter, thus allowing you to use this virtual cd image in all PSX emulators. (Hope this makes sense!!!) ;)
I`ve already tried Daemon Tools and I`m tellin ya , it`s pretty hard .

I would just like to use ISO`s for ePSXe .

So , um , i guess i should go try isobuster .....

Or do you know anything else ?
With the latest version of nero(5.5)you can use Image Drive which is the same as Daemon Tools and it works quite well.

hey i got it now . I did it with the demo version of Cdrwin d-e . I made a bin / cue file of Wwf Smackdown 1 and it works great with ePSXe . Thanx to everybody for helping me out . :D
A CD Image program EVERYONE should have

OK here goes, one program : CDMage 1.01 it will convert between all major CD-Burn software like nero,DJ,CDRwin,EZ-CD etc and also let you extract individual files/tracks from the image, gr8 for getting those cool PARADOX etc demos without having to burn a whole cd.... Think i found it atGamecopyworld :rockets:
I just want to understand somethings about this Iso's thing;

1-Does it take all the files from a PSX cd and forms it to one file?

2-How much space will it take, for example if I would make Resident Evil 3?

3-And how long does the process take, to make an Iso?
>1-Does it take all the files from a PSX cd and forms it to one file?
When creating an ISO a "bit for bit" copy is done. That is, the disc is copied as one unit, not as seperate files. Doing this is sometimes essential as quite a few PSX games include copy protection in the form of errored out sectors. Likewise, if you were to merely copy the files they'd either be corrected or omitted and you'd have a non-functional game. The only caveat is in regard to error correction, as some forms of ISO dumping will include it while others won't. Generally this isn't important enough to worry yourself with though, as it often makes no difference. If you're a glutton for punishment you can go check out the CDR FAQ for more info about error correction.

>How much space will it take, for example if I would make
>Resident Evil 3?
I don't own the game, so I can't speak with any authority, but most ISOs tend to be 600 to 750 MB in size.

>And how long does the process take, to make an Iso?
It depends on the speed of your CD-ROM drive and the amount of copy protection (if any) that's present on the CD. Using a 40x DVD-Rom drive (rated at 18x by CDRWin) it generally takes from 9 to 15 minutes.
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