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How to Make a Perfect Backup of PSX Games

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...because I was bored waiting for a disc burning at 4X ^_^;;

1. Insert the PSX disc in your Burner (NOT the regular CDROM, as chances are it won't read subchannel info)

2. Fire up CloneCD, preferably and up.

3. Click on the "Read to Image File" Button (the one with the glasses)

4. Now select your burner from the drives listed.

5. You'll now see a couple of profiles. We'll need to create a custom one though. Right click on the white area and select "New".

6. Name your new profile "PlayStation Disc" or "PSX Backup" or "PIRACY RULZ!!!111!" or whatever.

7. Input the following settings into the profile:

Data Read Settings

Read Speed Data: Max
Read Subchannel Data from Data Tracks: Checked
Regenerate Data Sectors: Checked

Audio Read Settings

Read Speed Audio: Max
Audio Extraction Quality: Medium(Fast)
Read Subchannel Data from Audio Tracks: Checked
Only Read the First Session: Unchecked

Error Handling

Fast Error Skip Settings: Off
Abort on Read Error: Off
Don't Report Read Errors: Off
Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner: Off

After setting all that, click "Next.

8. Now you name your .ccd file. If you want to have a .cue sheet file, check the appropriate box for it.

9. CloneCD will now make your ISO, or Disc image. Grab something to eat while waiting, or browse for porn, or post at Emuforums, it's up to you.

10. Alright! that stupid clinkety-clink reminder has sounded... Reading has finished. Now get your original disc and put your blank in the tray and close it.

11. Click the "Write from Image file" Button (the one with the pencil)

12. Browse for your file. You can also make the program to delete the image file after a successful burn, just check the appropriate box. Click on Next.

13. Choose the CDRW drive. Click Next.

14. You'll now see a set of profiles for writing. You'll also see the write profile you made earlier, but it's not yet set. Input the following settings:

Write Settings

Write Speed: 4x (yes, 4x)
Weak Sectors: Ignore
Don't Repair Subchannel Data: Checked
Always close last session: Checked

15. Click on Ok. The write session will now start. This will take ~20 minutes, so maybe you can watch an anime ep or listen to 5 songs while waiting. Don't worry, it's worth the wait.

Ok, some of you might ask, "Why burn at 4X when my 1337 burner can burn at 500X?" Because in my experience, the PSX console has a lot of problems reading discs burned at a high speed, like 16X or so, and 4X in my experience is the fastest way to burn them without generating a lot of errors. I've wasted many a blank that way, but after a while I finally stumbled upon the right combination. Those of you who won't use it on an actual PSX console might want to burn it at a high speed, and your CDROM drive might read them well enough, but still, it pays to be on the safe side of experience. It'll save you a lot of money and more importantly a lot of frustration. Besides, burning backups this way also makes my PS2 recognize them for some weird reason. :heh:

I hope this has helped you somewhat. If you still encounter problems after following this to the letter, well, I really have no idea what fscks it up. :heh: I've used it for ~50 Japanese Import games, and it has worked every time for me. You should use good-quality branded media though, and not those lousy silver generic discs.
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Alcohol 120% ISO making/burning

well at the suggestion of Reich and the many requests of people saying "how do i make an ISO??" , here goes my guide for Alcohol 120%.

1. pop the CD in your drive. if you want to make a subchannel file, make sure your drive can read subchannels.

2. see on the left where it has the big button that says "Image Making Wizard"? well, we're making an Image, so click.

3. this is why i love Alcohol 120%. see down there where it says "Datatype"? select "playstation". this automatically checks the right settings.

4. this is important. pick somewhere to save it, and make sure to name it. under Image Format, pick CloneCD Image File (.ccd)

5. just click Start and it makes it.

6. so when you go into ePSXe, go to File--->Run ISO and pick the file you just made. poof, there you go!

so what if you want to make a backup copy, like Shiori has outlined? just go to Image Burning wizard...again set it to Play Station preset ,and set the speed to 4x. there you go ;)
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BlindWrite by Hybrid Tension

ISObuster by myself.

ISO Producer by Industrian

if you have any other tutorials that you've created or would like to create, PM me and i'll get it added here for you.

This is a quick guide for UltraISO by Neko_Hibiki.

1. First download and register UltraISO.

2. Insert your Playstation disc.

3. Select the sixth icon, the one that says ' Make CD/DVD Image ' when you hover over it.

4. Select where you want the output file to go.

5. Select ' CloneCD (.IMG/.CCD/.SUB) ' .

6. Press ' Make ' .

7. Wait just awhile, then your file's done.
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