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hello world :)

I've made a simple frontend game that allows to run multiple emulator connected with a big data base game :dead:

there are no probleme with mupen 64,nestopia,or snes9x,or other :p

i make a simple command : open /.../programme /.../name game

running game with mame using command line is also explain with a documentation..

but I can't find how to launch a pcsx (mac osx) game with a terminale. :hdbash:
if i use my methode: this message appears

"It looks like the file you are opening is a BIOS file. In order to use it, it must reside in:
~/Library/Application Support/Pcsx/Bios/
Should I copy it to this location for you?" oO

i have the rom bios and copy it does change anything

-if I use the program normally it works well :
-it must be possible because emulauch using my application to start the
-i can only launch the programme without a game at start up.
The problem may be related to the loading of plugins?

i don't speak english but i try to write it..sorry


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problem solved :yippee:

I used the file ToastImageMounter contained in the package of toast with a command line (ce qui peu etre pratique pour monter une image disque )
so I can directly launch a game with many extensions extension (bin, cue, etc.).
diksimagemounter does not .. I don't need to run the toast appllication which is a little slow on startup.
I can now start a game without using PCSX ' menu by opening it with my apllication ... it's cool.

I must now seek eighth multi emulator for my multifront end game.

but if anyone knows a way to start a game with the Mooby plug in and with a command line, I 'm still interested
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