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Originally posted by voodoo2120
i am using a voodoo 3 card, i was wondering y my game's resolution sucks that much!!
i mean, the background r totally lumpy,even the text are terrible! (although i can still see them, there just too lumpy)

i tried increasing the resolution, but still no use null or other plug ins instead of this one?
or is it possible to change the display to windows mode?

and as for the speed of the game + music is a little bit slow especially in battle mode
any way to fix this?

Check out this thread..

I found it by using the search feature.. Did a search for "pixelated".. And lewpys glide pluggin does have a bilinear filtering option, but it creates weird graphic breaks and lines with 2d stuff.. On 3d stuff, it works great..

As for the slowness during battles, play at a resolution of 640x480 and set:

Framebuffer reads to "write"
Off Screen Drawing to "basic"

You won't get many of the special graphic effects like blurs, and the swirly effects, but the game will run faster..
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