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okay, I'm trying to get Hoshigami: ruining blue earth to run in VGS

stages that have a map with a 'story' event on that map before the battle don't show right

it shows the bottom left corner of the map, and music plays fine, and the system does NOT lock up, however, the game does not progress (as in the opening scene, when fazz and the other guy are talking, it just shows the bottom left of the map, with a girl near a pond...but you cannot press the button a lot to make that text that SHOULD be happening progress and move to the next part....)

I have put an entry into games.txt with the 'slusxxx.xx' stuff from teh disc, and on default it does the same, and I changed several setting, using other RPG game settings, as well as creating some of my own, yet always the same glitch

I converted a save from ePSXe and I can play the tower of trials, the house of sessions and do town stuff, but no story maps

now, I love VGS much more than ePSXe, but I'm more interested in playing the game...which means ePSXe

BUT, ePSXe is constantly crashing on my system
I have tried multiple plug ins and settings but it crashes a lot!

I have DX7.0a, ePSXe 1.4 and 1.2
TNT2 from gateway w/ original drivers (the newer drivers don't work right on my system for some reason)
soundblaster PCI 128
P3 550
128 megs

other games do NOT crash ePSXe (like Final Fantasy Tactics)
so I dunno what the heck is going on!!

is there any way to hack or patch VGS besides games.txt? anyone know how to fix this up? arrrgh!!!

thanks for reading!
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