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I know the essentials: how to get codes working in a pnach file, that I have to convert them to raw if they aren't yet, etcetera.

However, I just can't get the "All Cards" cheat for "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Beginning of Destiny" working. The one at codetwink crashes the emulator (I removed the troublesome lines, but that doesn't fix anything), no matter if I have the "must be on" cheat or not, while my disc version's the exact same.

I also tried the many "all cards" codes at GameSpot Forums - Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Beginning of Destiny - 100% ALL CARDS, 9 EACH, NO BAN LIST working Codebreaker code (again, converted if neccesary), but none of those worked either.

I've tried the cheats after having removed the troublesome line(s), but then the code doesn't do its job. So how do I get those codes to work? Surely at least the one at codetwink should be correct?

P.s. I'm not asking for a pnach file, just what I have to do how to get any of those "all cards" cheats working when I use them in a pnach file.
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