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how to get sourcelevel

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please, Im looking for that No$gba for a letter reply to make sure the donation send to. then I get the soft-ware I wanted. please contact me as [email protected]
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Donation is down, Martin is nowhere in sight, and development has been ceased for the time being. You can't get the 2.6a version legally. Don't know about the other debugger though.
please give me a contact mail as I do know here is not a billboard
I don't think anyone knows how to contact him now or what happens to him. I know I don't
you have been told before.
its possible to get this data as I can found that before on the site some where, but i need more data that made me can do more change on it.
non even my friend. I need that information as more as possible, and every one know thats the charge software
You need help on a dozen different ways, most related to reading and writing basic english.
si. I need that before Im going to making some change on this.

I knew it can get this out form the program, so I would like to have that thing
You can use Desmume or Ideas, because both of them have debuggers. :D
And please, don't annoy, Edgar. :D
You're not getting anything and that's the end of this thread.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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