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Hey there, let me first tell ya the story:

I used the GiGaHeRz tools (Cheers to the author, BTW) to try to rip the two or three FMV that are in The Getaway, PAL version. I found nothing, then I've tried Method 2. I pushed out MANY files, most of them wrong, but there was one in particular that puzzled me: It was a 250MB aprox. file that had the entire French voiceovers for the cutscenes and the Mission description voices. Too bad I am Spanish.

The thing is that those files, extracted via other tool, MFAudio, are in RAW format, ADPCM Compressed in Mono. Now, the question: Does anyone knows any sort of ripper/extractor of this sort of files, so I can try to see if I can pull out the sounds?

Thanks in advance.
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