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How to get FSAA to work?

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I have a Elsa GeForce2, how do I get FSAA to work and if it's worth it (screen shot, please!). I turned FSAA 4x on in settings but don't see any difference in the emulator. I'm using Pete's OpenGL (lastest version).

Please Help!

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It depends on your card,but if you have a GeForce,try the 12.40,you won't want to change them(except for the next official release).
I do notice the difference a little, but what resolution is best for FSAA? The lines are still a little jagged even with 4xFSAA, should I try Direct3d? Some people said its better for FSAA than OpenGL.
You set your FSAA correctly Zinc. I run at 800x600 and the results are great. To get things to look better, while playing the game, press delete and the try adjusting graphical effect from the in game menu that shows up at the top of the screen. Press page up or page down to move backwards and forwards in the menu and press end to enable/disable various features. Read the docs that come w/Petes Plugins, they will explain this in more detail. Best of luck.
sxamiga I see that you running ePSXe at 800*600,but with your tbird 1.2GHZ you can run at higher resolutions,so why do you still use 800*600?
hey Raziel you should really drop the "Bye." thing...
i think ....

are you blind???-:cool:...i see different these screenshot....if you dont see differents these screenshot dont use the fsaa because the fsaa can cause slowdowns..but the fsaa is for rid the borders
OK sorry.
Bye:D (I promise I'll stop)
sxamiga > thanks, I've got FSAA turned on now and I was surprised the game kept running at 50fps :)

btw, I use 800x600 as it me or are there menu glitches with 1024x768?
"sxamiga I see that you running ePSXe at 800*600,but with your tbird 1.2GHZ you can run at higher resolutions,so why do you still use 800*600?"

Actually sxamiga is right to run @ 800x600 when 4x FSAA is on. 4x FSAA uses an incredible amount of video card memory bandwidth, at this resolution with FSAA the video card is the limiting factor on performance not the CPU. A faster CPU does not help you obtain higher framerates in hi res. You could give a Voodoo 2 an Athlon 1.3 Ghz but it would still run at the same speed in high res. To run at higher resolutions, the thing to upgrade is not the CPU but the video card.
Well I've got a P3 [email protected] and a GF2 Pro and I run at 800*600 with 4xFSAA with 60 fps and a lot more if I want.
So I guess a powerfuller CPU would give quite a boost(I'll get an 1.33GHZ athlon soon).
With a PIII [email protected] 950 (167fsb) and a GF2 MX w/32 and AGP 4x, I get atleast 60fps and usually around 120 -170 with FSAA 4x on in D3D. The openGL unfortunatly is only 2x FSAA. All at 800x600

The speed is mostly due to the AGP bus running at 334mhz instead of 264. Thoes LeadTech cards are extreamly overclockable without any extra cooling.

Peace in the middle east

PIII 950EB w/167 fsb
256mb Corsiar PC 133
LeadTech GeForce2 MX w/32mb ram
Segate Barricuda III ATA 100 7200rpm HD
Running at 800x600 w/4x FSAA enabled, I get 60 FPS in all games, including, now, Gauntlet legends. It runs well and looks good, so that is what I leave it at. I tried 1024x768, but Gauntlet Legends had severe speed problems. Of course this was before I got my T-Bird 1.2ghz processor. I might give it a try again and see what happens now.
Thanks for the information Particleman. If I do try 1024x768 and it slows down, I'll know why. If that happens, I'll set it back to 800x600 and leave it alone.:D Thanks again.
Dan, how do you get FSAA working in D3D? Doesn't FSAA have to be forced for it to work w/ePSXe? Thanks.
Yes, with the GeForce2 cards, you have to force FSAA to work in D3D if the program does not specifically ask for it. Such is the case with EPSXE.

You need to go to advanced properties in the display menu. From there you select "GeForce...." tab. Next you would select additional properties buttion from the bottom. The next window that opens up, you should select "Direct3D settings", and click on the "More Direct3D" buttion. The window that opens up has a tab that says "antialiasing".

There should be about 8 diffrent settings, the one that looks the best with EPSXE is 4 x 4 Low detail. For good speed and good picture, the 2 x 2 low detial is also good.

I belive that the best picture is thru OpenGL with FSAA set to 2x. In my humble opinion. Hope that i was helpful!
Thanks Dan, I agree w/you, I sorta find the OGL w/FSAA better than D3D, well at least OGL seems faster at the same FSAA level.
Does higher resolution actually make the graphics seem better?
Jus the 3D objects. And maybe the sprites of you billinear/trilinear filtering tured on.
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