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How to get FSAA to work?

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I have a Elsa GeForce2, how do I get FSAA to work and if it's worth it (screen shot, please!). I turned FSAA 4x on in settings but don't see any difference in the emulator. I'm using Pete's OpenGL (lastest version).

Please Help!

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Hi sxamiga,
Can you post a screenshot of where in settings you enable it? And also where do you get the 12.40 driver?

I did that, but don't see any difference in quality in ePSXe, do I have to restart comp or something?
I think it works not (after restart), thanks for the help everyone!
Can you tell me if I'm doing something wrong? This is without Anti-Alias
And this is with 4X FSAA. It looks the same to me, am I missing something?
My settings should be correct...
Ok, now I see a little difference when you guys point it out. But I was hoping for a little more from the hyped FSAA. Oh, well...
I do notice the difference a little, but what resolution is best for FSAA? The lines are still a little jagged even with 4xFSAA, should I try Direct3d? Some people said its better for FSAA than OpenGL.
Does higher resolution actually make the graphics seem better?
1 - 10 of 39 Posts
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