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How to get FSAA to work?

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I have a Elsa GeForce2, how do I get FSAA to work and if it's worth it (screen shot, please!). I turned FSAA 4x on in settings but don't see any difference in the emulator. I'm using Pete's OpenGL (lastest version).

Please Help!

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FSAA is much more noticeable when you run at full screen. Those images that you saw get stretched to full screen when you actually play. When this happens the pixels become much bigger and jaggy's much more noticeable. Also JPEGs aren't the best for showing the benefits of FSAA. Personally I can't play anything without FSAA anymore.
"sxamiga I see that you running ePSXe at 800*600,but with your tbird 1.2GHZ you can run at higher resolutions,so why do you still use 800*600?"

Actually sxamiga is right to run @ 800x600 when 4x FSAA is on. 4x FSAA uses an incredible amount of video card memory bandwidth, at this resolution with FSAA the video card is the limiting factor on performance not the CPU. A faster CPU does not help you obtain higher framerates in hi res. You could give a Voodoo 2 an Athlon 1.3 Ghz but it would still run at the same speed in high res. To run at higher resolutions, the thing to upgrade is not the CPU but the video card.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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