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My save file in Fable: TLC got damaged when i saved with 'hero save' (saving during a quest) (saving in Quest-Mode) anyhoo! I search the entire web for any help for about 3 hours and there was virtually no help anywhere. after i found a way, i tried to reply to a yahooAnswers! since that was a popular forum with the most change to help the most people. (im not gona' became a member of new forums just to type 1 help reply) anyways my email wasn't 'validated' so it wouldnt let me reply.

SO! plz archive this post and if your a fan of fable and/or had the same problem and never figured out how to fix it, and stopped playing, then plz spread the word and copy/paste info into any forum you think people with this problem can be helped.


How To Fix a Corrupt and damaged save file in Fable: TLC (PC)

(PC) Fable: TLC - corrupted autosave

I 'hero saved' (saved in questMode) during a quest and corrupted my autosave and wouldnt load any save i had, and thought there was no hope, and no one has posted this help, so if ur in the same boat after you get helped , spread the word.

to fix it u need at least 1 file that wasnt saved during the quest. just go to the folder with your saves (in my WinXP sp2) its
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Games\Fable\Saves

and replace the autosave file titled 'autosave' :) ::eek:bvious::
with a copy of one of the savefiles that isnt herosaved (saved during questmode)
EXAMPLE: if the save "NAMEofPROFLE - Save5" was from an hour before u started quest just copy the file and rename the copy "AutoSave" replacing the previous autosave file. (in my case the file was called
"Copy of NAMEofPROFILE - Save5"

then open up the game and go to the load menu and 'load from the new autosave', (not the actual save)and it will load.

(just to idiot proof the post, you're to load the replaced autosave not the savefile that the new autosave was copied from)

again dont replace the good file (file that is WorldSaved not HeroSaved)) just copy the good file and leave it where it is.

if your playing the pc version and are kind of stupid, make a backup of the entire folder before u mess something up and do it wrong.
If u tried it and it didnt work...
then u did something wrong, and you are really in trouble, just uninstall the game, cuz its game over. your done...

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Just made an account to say thanks for the post. I was really annoyed when i loaded up my file to find it half reverted. Mixed with an old save. And lost an irreplaceable weapon. Couldn't find much info about this glitch. But i just tried this little trick you posted and it seems to have worked. So thanks!
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