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i dont think that epsxe is compatible with all bios images. i dont believe that bios images are country specific other than maybe, us japan, and pal countries but i could be wrong.
and in order to extract a bios from a psx i believe that you need a gameshark pro or some similar device and some special software called "caetla" or something. ;)
sorry but ive never actually done this before but i have read a little about it and im sure documentation can be easily found on the internet.

There are three kinds bioses that I know of, US (1001), Japanese (1000), and European (PAL-7502). These are, generally, interchangable and should run most games equally well. For instance, I use the 7502 (European PAL) bios almost exclusively to run my US NTSC games and it works fine. Just because you use a European bios for a European version of a game, does not mean that the game will work. Some games MUST be patched, no matter what version of the bios you use. Depending on the Itialian PAL game you are trying to run, it may or may not need to be patched.
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