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I was spending time every week trying to keep the machine free of viruses and worms.
This guy is just obviously a newb with computers, I don't know how he could have so much stuff infecting his computer.

On the view tab, under hidden files and folders, click show hidden files and folders. Watch your desktop fill up with Office .tmp files.
Isn't there only one for each document you are viewing... or less?

I don't know how he got any attention for this =/.

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RZetlin said:
And this man has a PhD in computer science?

The standards of his university has fallen a lot.
Yeah, apparently he never learned c:\format c: o_O

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PhDs don't necessarily equate to security awareness and computer savvy-ness. I know people who're brilliant in theoretical stuff, but are quite *ahem* nincompoops in the practical terms.

These are things not taught in universities.
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