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How to create Selfbootable Backup Playstation games?

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How to create Selfbootable Backup Playstation games to play on your Playstation without having to have your playstation Chiped, and without to use a BootCD (if u know wat i mean). I think there are some who has discovered to do the Playstaion reads the encryption before it loads up the game to play. I would really appriciate it if someone here from out there knoew how to do it. Thanx.

If u ant to, u can reply back to me at: [email protected]
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i recall that way back when, someone managed to hack the firmware in his cd burner to be able to read and write the erroneous boot sectors of a psx disc. however, i have never actually seen proof of this personally nor have i ever heard of anyone else doing it.

the other option would be to press your own discs. you might be able to find some folks in Hong Kong who can help you out with this for a minor investment..
Oalboukharey said:
do u know wat kind of machine can do that?...or...somehow that it can be done at home?
you need access to a CD printing facility. There are companies that offer these services. I have not seen the machines so can't really tell you what they are or exactly how they work.
i guess you can actually arrange to do have the plant press discs for you without you actually having to be there. they would likely require a master of some sort and an initial investment for the initial run. considering you are not actually seeking to print your own material, but rather pirated copies of psx discs, you would need to fashion a "stamp" of the disc, (i am not sure how this is done either, especially if you don't have a true "master" disc), find someone willing to go through with illegal reproduction of said discs, (Hong Kong is world renowned for things like this, as mentioned), and pay the invesment fee for the initial runs, (no idea how much this would cost, but i am guessing at least several thousand dollars or more for thousands of discs of the same game).

if you feel like pursuing such activities, more power to you. personally, i just modified my old playstation for about $5.
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link to the post please?
the ps2 is a much different machine than the psx, if you haven't noticed. i believe the boot sectors in a typical ps2 game have a sort of "wobble" as well as the erroneous sectors, which would not be able to be burnt with a typical cd burner, even with a firmware hack.
i have heard of some people having access to CD-Rs that had a boot sector pressed, but these are not available to the public. there are also development versions of ps2s that can boot burnt media, but i think that they need certain developer prgrams to do this and also are not typically available to the public.
Oalboukharey said:
can u kindly tell me wat kind of developing programs there are to help me selfboot backup games...i dont care if its for PS2...i still very interested on how to do that aswell...PLEASE!!!!

i am sorry if you misunderstood my post, but you need a developer ps2 unit, like the DTL-T10000. you can purchase one from sony for ~$20000 and you can find several companies that make software for developers, which may cost you a few thousand more dollars. for an idea of what you can do with a DTL-T10000, check out this guy:

i have just remembered that there is also a way to get unauthorized code to boot on an unmodified console through a memory card exploit, but it is not easy to do and requires either another modified ps2 to originally load the exploit to a memory card or a ps2 memory card with the data already on it.
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