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How to create Selfbootable Backup Playstation games?

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How to create Selfbootable Backup Playstation games to play on your Playstation without having to have your playstation Chiped, and without to use a BootCD (if u know wat i mean). I think there are some who has discovered to do the Playstaion reads the encryption before it loads up the game to play. I would really appriciate it if someone here from out there knoew how to do it. Thanx.

If u ant to, u can reply back to me at: [email protected]
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A little more help please, Anyone...Alot More Help HERE!!!
huh??? i aked for how to create Selfbootable Backup games man!!!! Not you who closed my Thread when asking how to Upgrade a Dreamcast!!!
What do u mean by 'Press' your own discs? sounds good. Yum!
do u know wat kind of machine can do that?...or...somehow that it can be done at home?
okay...thats good advice...i really appriciate it....but...i doubt and very unlikely for me to go there to do that...but anyways...still i need to know how this is done. I just read the post here on how to make perfect backup copies...and said it somehow was able to be read on the PS2...weird it said...anyone would like to say how?
can u kindly tell me wat kind of developing programs there are to help me selfboot backup games...i dont care if its for PS2...i still very interested on how to do that aswell...PLEASE!!!!
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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