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How to create Selfbootable Backup Playstation games?

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How to create Selfbootable Backup Playstation games to play on your Playstation without having to have your playstation Chiped, and without to use a BootCD (if u know wat i mean). I think there are some who has discovered to do the Playstaion reads the encryption before it loads up the game to play. I would really appriciate it if someone here from out there knoew how to do it. Thanx.

If u ant to, u can reply back to me at: [email protected]
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Swapping works, but it's not always worth doing it... I killed my PSX once by doing it
and hopefully, a friend who just thrown his PSX on a wall was ok to give me working parts
I needed. Also, the swapping methods depend on the BIOS version :p
Very old PSX can do it easily, later ones requires multiple swaps per boot and better timing :(

Play your PSX games on your PC, HW accelerated rendering and inffinite memory card capacity are cool features :)

"there are also development versions of ps2s that can boot burnt media, but i think that they need certain developer prgrams to do this and also are not typically available to the public."

Like the Net yaroze version of the PSX?
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Dude, you can't have access to them, just forget it and play original games on real consoles, or backups on an emulator.
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