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How Play? The best DBZ'S on you PC and more game's whitout problem

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First use ePSXe Emulator "The best"
I got an Atlhon 600 128 TNT2 Vanta "example"
You need de pete's driver sofware or D3D 1.54
640x480 o 800x600 16 bit run's whitout problem!
The Sound Driver is the Key of your problem's!
Use the Iori's Direct Sound driver 1.40 or something like that
The 4 option of the Config Sound "ePSXe" Activate's
In the Driver Sound config. you need:
*High Resolution Mode
*Wait for XA buffer Free
*Enable noise and pitch Modulation

And Taataa! the problem of sound Desaparecio!! no more!

With this configuration you can play games that you can never dream!

My mother board is M800lmr AMD
Also I play the Ultimate Battle 22 without problem no shit! really!

P.S:Sorry my Writing but I'm a Chilean Boy! =:p
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this is the most wierd DBZ game I've play yet,

me ? =prefer Final Bout & DBZ 3 (Snes)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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