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Windows 98
128 RAM
Monitor video card diamond speedstar 3D no 3dfx
Graphics 3DFX video card Voodoo 2... 32mb

PROGRAM USED: VisualBoyAdvance version 1.7.2. and 1.8.0-beta
Game what i try to run: super ghouls n ghost

The question is easy...

I TRY EVERETHING for play on full screen mode.. using the voodoo 2 .. but still dont work... the game .. look. pixeled.. and slowwwwww. very slow..

the only way i can play is playing the game on a very tiny window..
so the game run at 100 %..

if i try to play on full screen run at 30 % or lowest

There is a way for set my game whit the 3dvideo card for play normally on full screen mode??
i select 3d bilinear.. . opengl ,Direct3d directdraw.. everething..but dont work.
is weird cause ..i play on snes9x. .and voodoo 2 work PERFECTLYY on full mode..selecting 3d/fx-bilinear option.. i remenber the exact problem here..tilll i select the 3d bilinear mode.. so magically.. was fixed

but dont work on my visualboys ... i try whit filters.. and resolutions and stuff nothing

thanxs 4 read anyway

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jesus crist i read all the faq and all the topic except,.the D32 of spacy and that was.. the answer....

full resolution on full screen is still on work......

sorry for my ALREADY ANsWERED POST..
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