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Windows 98
128 RAM
Monitor video card diamond speedstar 3D no 3dfx
Graphics 3DFX video card Voodoo 2... 32mb

PROGRAM USED: VisualBoyAdvance version 1.7.2. and 1.8.0-beta
Game what i try to run: super ghouls n ghost

The question is easy...

I TRY EVERETHING for play on full screen mode.. using the voodoo 2 .. but still dont work... the game .. look. pixeled.. and slowwwwww. very slow..

the only way i can play is playing the game on a very tiny window..
so the game run at 100 %..

if i try to play on full screen run at 30 % or lowest

There is a way for set my game whit the 3dvideo card for play normally on full screen mode??
i select 3d bilinear.. . opengl ,Direct3d directdraw.. everething..but dont work.
is weird cause ..i play on snes9x. .and voodoo 2 work PERFECTLYY on full mode..selecting 3d/fx-bilinear option.. i remenber the exact problem here..tilll i select the 3d bilinear mode.. so magically.. was fixed

but dont work on my visualboys ... i try whit filters.. and resolutions and stuff nothing

thanxs 4 read anyway
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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