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How old is your computer?

  • I just bought my computer

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • 1 year old or less

    Votes: 14 33.3%
  • 2 years old

    Votes: 14 33.3%
  • 3 years old

    Votes: 1 2.4%
  • 4 years old

    Votes: 3 7.1%
  • 5 years old

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • 6 years old

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • 7 years old

    Votes: 1 2.4%
  • 8 years old

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • Very old! (Specify in post)

    Votes: 1 2.4%

How old is your computer?

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I have been going through my receipts and found my computer receipt.

I bought my computer in the winter of 2001 and it seems like almost yesterday that I got the system. My computer is 4 years old.

Now my computer has gotten upgrades though out the years. I replaced my 20 GB hard drive with a 80 GB, I added another 256 MB of RAM for a total of 512 MB, I replaced my CD drive with a CD-RW one and added computer case fans to it.

So how old is your computer?
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My computer has been bought in winter 1998 (it still had win 95 because of 98's bugs :p ), a few things have been replaced though:

First big update (somewhere in 99 or 2000 I guess):
S3 Trio AGP became a Diamond Viper V770 32mb, which is still working great :)

Second update (2001 I think, could be 2002 as well):
- 256 megs of ram put next to the 32, which makes 288 (that was really needed :p)
- the 3 gb (oO) HD got replaced by a 30 GB, because of Mobo limitations a 40GB wasn't possible :(
- Added a Liteon 16x10x40 CD burner, I could've had a 32x but those were still kinda expensive
Q1 2004:
It got replaced by a new computer so this old one now became mine officially (though I already owned 2 parts of it: the video card and the cd burner, the rest has been bought by my dad)
So this one moved to my bedroom :D
And I bought some new speakers at the same time.

Q4 2004:
- The powersupply wasn't working properly, it filled my room with a smoky stench :p so it got replaced
- The case had to be replaced.
I'm lucky to have a friend who was able to find the stuff that actually fit together with the rest of the system, otherwise I could've said goodbye to my own computer :(
He also had another K6 lying around, so he replaced the 333 by a 350, and believe it or not but I really noticed that it was an update. Finally I was able to scroll my internet page down without Winamp making funny noises while playing music :emb:

So far the history of this helluva old pc.

/me wonders if anyone uses an older pc as his primary one :rolleyes:
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Heh, I open my PC about every day and tweak something. It's not old at all, really.. Upgraded to Socket478 from Socket370 in I'd say.. June 2003? Got this CPU in January and already had everything else.. don't know if its possible to give a PC you build and upgrade constantly an age, eh?

edit: heh, funny to think that my FSB is higher than both of your CPU's internal speed. :D Hell, my RAM runs at a higher clock than your CPU Cid. :p
Depends on age of "proper" years or "Moore's Law" years.

My PC is a (478) 3ghz P4. Around one year ago it was pretty "teh l33t" now it feels pretty archaic.
@ cooliscool: I hate you :p

But at least my pc is good enough to provide emuforums it's daily spam ;)

It's a nice PC for Snes games as well, it's a good thing I don't care much about playing the latest games :heh: (/turns around and takes look at the DC :D )

Btw, my pc is still a bit too slow for the 1600 kbit downstream: I always have to wait because it's getting it's info faster than it can put on screen :rolleyes:

Oh and about that RAM running at a higher clock: I'm such a hardware n00b that I am not even able to explain what it means besided that it is fast :p
I very rarely buy a whole new PC, instead I just buy some new bits and keep some of the old. :p

But I know I got my motherboard, ram, case, dvd-rom and cd-rw in June 04, the CPU is an unlocked Tbred-B so it must be early 03? (was that when they super locked them?) My graphics card I got in October/November 04. (Best purchase ever! :p) Stuff like the HDD and various new coolers and pretty bits etc are much more recent. :)
Well im curently in the process of building a new one, its just i havent been able to finish it(money issue :lol: ). and the one im using is not too old..

But, one day I found a really old pc in my old house it was in the attic :D . I tried to run it and to mine surprise it worked, and even to my greater surprise it had Windows 3.0(newer seen one before only heard about it) on it, no kiding, the pc itself was all metal and weighed a ton! I couldnt plug a mouse to it, so i wasnt able to find out to mutch about it. It was actually wery old looking, im not sure of the exact age tho. It was the first pc I actually pulled appart and was able to put back together :rotflmao:

Well after a few more times of moving I somehow managed to loose it...But It was definetly the oldest pc i ever owned..
Well my desktop PC is about a year old, actually just a little over. The video card is a year and a half, it was brought over from my old comp.

My laptop is about 3 days old, and I already use if far more than my desktop...I have switched I'm a mac guy now :evil:
mine is back from 1999,only upgrades have been free 64meg pc100 sdram stick,and external cdburner,had a geforcemx200 pci but it's dead:(.
I never buy a whole PC at a time. So it's really hard to say one is older than an other. Or timeframe it like this. Both my PCs are pretty old I suppose ;p
First PC: Assembled by myself in 1997. Made from parts from 3 Pentium 133 class PC's.

Second PC: Late 1999. Last upgraded in 2003. Died a couple months ago (motherboard)

Current PC: September, 2004. PC below cost $600 with shipping. Video card and 1 hard drive did not come with it.
I still have an old 486 in my closet somewhere it had a whooping 8MB of ram and a super huge 250MB HDD lol about enough to hold maybe one of my zipped psx isos
We recently decomissioned the older 300MHz machine from 1998, but we still use a desktop we got around 1999 / 2000. We got the computer through a DSL service plan and was originally a Compaq 700MHZ Pentium III with 128MB or SDRAM, onboard graphics and sound, an 8 gig partitioned HDD (For Windows ME system restore), and 40X CDROM.

Over time:
bumped SDRAM to 512
added an addition 60 GIG HDD
added a Geforce FX 5200 PCI graphics card (No AGP on this old pup)
Added an HP CDRW rewritable CDROM
Added an Memorex DVD Writer
Added a TV capture card
added a NIC and .v92 cards
dammit if only i kept my 386 i think i wud prolly have the oldest pc...

as it stands, the oldest one i have is a pentium 166 (non mmx). i think it has 48 megs of ram and a 4 gig HD.
Well i had my amd 64 3000 currently in my sig. I got it November. Before that i had amd 1800xp which was fine but i needed something new. Where i live it relatively cheap to build computers so I dont mind replacing my computer every 2-3 years. The only thing i brought over from my old computer was my Radeon 9800 np.
From 1999 I had a system based on pentium III 500 mhz cpu with riva tnt 2 32mb 64 mb sdram, there were small upgrades all the timebut... in july there will be 2 years since my mother board fried... second time, so I got rid of pentium (it's still working somwhere there) and bought AXP 1800+ 256 ddram, than in couple of months I sold my old riva and bought GeForce fx 5200 128 mb ultimate, than added tv card, anothere 256 mb ddram, bought new hdd and so on :) so my minor change or rig was about 2 years ago
got my pc a year ago. last summer I bought a new mobo+cpu for it (no more celeron :evil: AMD Athlon XP kthx :p), and a 200GB HD. recently I also got an additional 512MB DDR stick
hmmm... my old one that is still running well (an HP) was bought in 1998... that makes it 7 years and the current one that we are using was bought in 2002 making it 3 years old
The oldest PC I owned was a 386, got rid of that a while ago. Other than that, I've owned a 120MHz Pentium machine which was thrown out not long ago. Still have a 2.26GHz Pentium 4 system and a 1.5GHz Centrino notebook.
Bought my computer 1 year ago for 2000 €

(now you can get the same for 800 € @#%&)

Amd 3500+
1 gig ram
asus a8v mobo (upgraded to msi k8n because a8v is unstable for o/cing
200 gb sata hdd
40 gb ide hdd
radeon 9800 pro AIW (upgraded to gforce 6800)
and other stuff
380 W psu + antec case
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