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Hey folks, gotta little problem I wondered if you could help me with...

I'm using the emulator SST.

I've got a ISO/mp3-image (a iso-file along with several mp3's) of Saturn Bomberman. Game plays well, sounds work as they should, but how do I enable the music? Should the mp3's be named in any specific way? They are numbered, still the music don't play. So I guess I have named them wrong.

What's the procedure for naming the mp3's correctly? Also, should I enable any options in the menu in SST?

Thanks for any help.

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RockmanForte @ Emulator-Zone said:
Applications Needed:
Saturn MP3-WAV Converter
Sega CUE Maker

Step 1: Converting the MP3s to WAVs:

First extract the ISO/MP3 files into a folder by themselves. Next highlight the MP3s, right click, and select Convert to WAV. When it is through converting, delete the MP3s, and move the WAVs out of the "Converted Audio Files" folder and put them where the MP3s were.

Step 2: Making a CUE Sheet.
Open up Sega Cue Maker. Navigate to the folder where your .iso and .wav files are now. Click the "Generate CUE" button, you will see the cue sheet appear in the program window.

Now save the CUE to the same folder.
With the .CUE file, you can mount it with Daemon.
BTW, you can get the Sega Cue maker here: Download Sega CUE Maker - Software for Sega Saturn, Sega CD, and NEO-GEO CD
I don't know where to get the Saturn MP3-WAV Converter, but any program that converts .mp3 to .wav will work. There's a nice and free one here: dBpoweramp Music Converter

I believe that is the information you want.
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