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How much would laptops like these go for?

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COMPAQ EVO N800c P4 2GHZ working for parts & or repair - eBay (item 150390714296 end time Nov-27-09 10:10:30 PST)

If I were to add, say 1GB of ram and a 80GB HDD, how much could a laptop like this be sold for? I've been thinking about picking up a few of those and trying to sell them.
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Yeah, I have a load of available parts I can get from school. At least 30 working HDDs ranging from 40 - 160GB, and more laptop ram than I can count. (Though they are mostly 512MB sticks, but 2x512 would be fine)
I also forgot to mention, that these laptops would likely be sold locally most likely, so paypal/ebay is not as much as an issue.
I know a guy who owns a little flea market and he'd probably rent out a little spot to me for no more than $20 a weekend.

And considering I have the funds available (last check I have over $14,000 saved) it's worth a shot I suppose.
Part 2 of this issue, is that if you happen to purchase one with a faulty screen, how hard are replacements to obtain and what do they cost. So you better be totally sure of the product you are buying before hand. and keep screenshots handy if you need to prove the seller provided misinformation.
The screen shouldn't be an issue since they're required to sell an item that fits the provided description. But they can be very expensive, because I wanted to replace a screen in my old Acer Aspire 5100 and it would have cost over $150.

I have a HP Compaq 6710b sitting next to me with a cracked screen (and otherwise works fine). I need to look up how much it'd be to replace. It's a otherwise decent system. [email protected], 1GB RAM, Some intel graphics, 80GB HDD...

Back ontopic:
I also have a stack of Dell Optiplex 260s - 280s that were replaced with newer computers at school that I could sell. Most in perfect shape, just needing a OS reinstall, and some need a new PSU. How much could these go for?
I'm honestly not sure, I'm pretty sure they're northwood, but I'll have to check in a bit.

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Yes, there is some 270s in there, but only a small percentage of them are. (I have around 40 of them and only 2 or 3 are 270s).

Now that I think about it, I may have a few 240s.

The 240s are Olllddd.. they use SDRAM I believe. Many of them have only 256MB of ram and have 2000 installed.

I wonder why there were no 250s... our school skipped a generation, heh.
The 280s use DDR2 ram.

That's because there was no GX250. The GX2xx series was the GX200, the GX240, the GX260, the GX270, and the GX280.
Odd number scheme. +40, +20, +10, +10.
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