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How much would laptops like these go for?

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COMPAQ EVO N800c P4 2GHZ working for parts & or repair - eBay (item 150390714296 end time Nov-27-09 10:10:30 PST)

If I were to add, say 1GB of ram and a 80GB HDD, how much could a laptop like this be sold for? I've been thinking about picking up a few of those and trying to sell them.
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i don't think you'd get any more than 350 tops. Considering you can get a Core2 laptop for 600AUD these days.
Phil provides excellent Client-Seller feedback and support :D
The top one is a girl I literally had to handhold through a driver issue, but it was worth it.
Ebay is not a dating site just so you know! :p

Part 2 of this issue, is that if you happen to purchase one with a faulty screen, how hard are replacements to obtain and what do they cost. So you better be totally sure of the product you are buying before hand. and keep screenshots handy if you need to prove the seller provided misinformation.
You could look into selling custom pc's or something along those lines.
which P4 chip is in it? says 2.4-2.6 but doesn't mention the revision/core name.
you should see their new machine names.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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