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How much would laptops like these go for?

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COMPAQ EVO N800c P4 2GHZ working for parts & or repair - eBay (item 150390714296 end time Nov-27-09 10:10:30 PST)

If I were to add, say 1GB of ram and a 80GB HDD, how much could a laptop like this be sold for? I've been thinking about picking up a few of those and trying to sell them.
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Around 170 to 200.

The problem is the fees..

I suspect you are using Paypal. If you use paypal, you are charged a final value fee and a Paypal charge.

Now, on high risk items like laptops, Paypal places a 21 day freeze, (yes that's nearly a month) on the sale, UNTIL the buyer leaves you feedback, which ever comes first.

So if you sale those laptops for 200, you'll likely get back 140 in profit.

If you have the other parts already, i'd say go for it though. I sale laptops myself on ebay, what I do to get the money sooner is give free tech answer ALL questions and download files for them if needed, so they will leave feedback on the customer service instead of the item....seriously, no buyer likes a cold seller

Here's my feedback :p

The top one is a girl I literally had to handhold through a driver issue, but it was worth it.

Since you have the parts, Id go for it man. I usually have to buy the parts myself.
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Craigslist? lol. But you can get more money for a given computer buy selling online from my experience. But you will be making a huge net profit if you are getting the parts for free either way.

Hey i met a hot Asian through Ebay once, I posted it in the bin. Hmm ill think i'll bump it
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