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how much would it cost...

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Im thinking about paying someone to make a java chat room for me ( i know there's free one's out there but i need custom button in the java applet and other features) i would try to learn java but it would take way to long to learn it.. so my question is... how much would it cost to pay some one to build a custom chat from in java?
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gamezonline said:
I am going to start learning java but have no idea where to start, is there a book, tutor, or something in that nature that you know of? To explain what I'm trying to do a little bit better... What i want is a chat room... on the right hand site of the chat box there will be a list of everyone in the room. when you right click on one of the name it have the options of private chat,view current active Pokémon,stats,request friendship (or something like that) and challenge player and at the bottom a text box where they enter there comments, and some where don't know where I'm going to but it but a friend list. and when you click on them it will open a new window (with what ever there trying to do). i know that is alot of work (at least the chat part, i would think). hope that helps you understand what I'm trying to do
well if u r going to start learning java I suggest u get java in 21 days sams book that's gonna teach you the basics...but if u r planning to do a chatroom soon like now!, well I suggest you get a free one, idk if with flash is faster you could try that too but! anyway if ur going to try with flash you will need php knowledge anyway it wonte be easy nor fast dont nor soon like maybe in a year if u try hard (maybe even less) you would be able to do it.. good luck..
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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