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how much would it cost...

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Im thinking about paying someone to make a java chat room for me ( i know there's free one's out there but i need custom button in the java applet and other features) i would try to learn java but it would take way to long to learn it.. so my question is... how much would it cost to pay some one to build a custom chat from in java?
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For a chat room, you'll actually have to write two parts: A chat server, and then chat clients that connect to the chat server.

This means learning to use network sockets, in addition to threads for the chat server. Not exactly a beginner's problem, but still very doable if you have the right documentation.

Now the question gets more basic: do you have a computer to run the chat server on, that anyone you want access to would be able to use?

Some things that might be helpful: - For going over the Java language itself - Threads, to handle lots of things at once - To do the networking - For the client applets

That should be everything you need.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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